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    Training and Coaching

    After assessing your specific needs, Falcon Video Solutions provides you and your clients with customized training and coaching solutions. Having a background of over 33 years in Customer Service Management and Multi-Store sales and ROI management, w

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    For Mystery Shopping Providers who are ready to make the leap into offering video services, Falcon Video Solutions can guide you smoothly through the challenges, providing you with everything you need to succeed. Our vast knowledge and experience in

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    Project Management

    We can manage all or any part of a video shopping project. From the planning and guideline creation to scheduling and delivering a fully edited video to your client, we can take care of it all. Don’t sit idly by and allow your customers to establis

why video

Mystery shopping has been around for as long as businesses have been interested in finding out what their customers actually experience. There are many forms of customer feedback, but the most telling feedback is when your business begins to explode because customers are spending their dollars at your establishment.

It costs far more to find a new customer than it does to build a relationship with and keep an existing one, so where are your dollars better spent? In our increasingly connected world that includes social media, smart phones and apps, you need real-time feedback. The written report style of mystery shopping is outdated – even your customers are now writing reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook. That just can’t give you the information you need to make changes NOW.

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