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Training and Coaching

After assessing your specific needs, Falcon Video
Solutions provides you and your clients with customized training and coaching
solutions. Having a background of over 33 years in Customer Service Managementand Multi-Store sales and ROI management, we know the importance of building a strong customer service team. Whether it’s about making a great first impression on your perspective customer, how to earn the respect of customers, or the best way to solve a customer’s problems, we’ll make sure your services, and your results, are better than they’ve ever been.



For Mystery Shopping Providers who are ready to make the leap into offering video services, Falcon Video Solutions can guide you smoothly through the challenges, providing you with everything you need to succeed. Our vast knowledge and experience in the Video Mystery Shopping Business, has made us the go-to source for Video Projects, both big and small. Allow us to help you make a mark on the exploding Video Mystery Shopping Industry.
From scheduling to routing to understanding which laws apply in each state, we’ll have you handling it all professionally in no time. We also offer turnkey project management, and we can train your staff so they will be able to confidently sell lucrative video projects.


Project Management

We can manage all or any part of a video shopping project. From the planning and guideline creation to scheduling and delivering a fully edited video to your client, we can take care of it all. Don’t sit idly by and allow your customers to establish relationships elsewhere. Whether it is pairing your company with an established Video Provider or helping you to become a factor in the Video Shopping Business, we can guide you to a successful entry into Video Mystery Shopping.

Falcon Video Solutions

Falcon Video Solutions